Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Roweyn is TWO!! | In iPhone Photos

I finally put up Rowe's photos from her Birthday! Yes I'm only 3 months late but it's better than never! In case you missed those photos check them out here! And well if you know me, then you know I also took photos on my iPhone. Here they are!

Waking up to balloons in our room! She had fun kicking them around and screaming.

Special Birthday Cake Batter Sprinkle Pancakes!
They were "Nummy" As Rowe likes to say.

Making "Soup" in her brand new kitchen.

My favorite picture of us from her Birthday.
Out to lunch to celebrate!

Eating mozzarella sticks!

Eating her Birthday Treat after we sang her "Happy Birthday".

After lunch we headed to the park.
She had lots of fun swinging while Papa pushed her.
And I just noticed that she's wearing two different socks. haha

And down the slide she goes!

After the park we grabbed a movie and headed home to hang out
and celebrate with the Birthday Girl a little more.

We had such a fun day!
Still hard to believe that she is now Two!



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