Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Roweyn is TWO!!!

My baby girl is TWO!! I can't believe it! We had an amazingly wonderful day celebrating! Okay so her birthday was December 27th but these photos have yet to make it on the blog and like I always say...better late than never, right?

We started off our day by making special Cake Batter Pancakes with Sprinkles and an Icing Syrup!

She was pretty excited about being able to help make them!

I put a candle on her stack of pancakes and we started to sing "Happy Birthday" and she burst into tears! I think she was scared of the candle, because as soon as I took it out she was fine.

Checking out her birthday pancake snack.

Telling me how yummy her pancakes are!

We got ready for our day and opened some presents!

Then we went out to eat lunch. Rowe was so good and actually ate her food. haha normally she's not very interested.

Munching on some mozzarella sticks.

Loving her ice cream Birthday treat and us singing "Happy Birthday" to her!


She was sharing with her Mama.

Kisses for the Birthday Girl!

After lunch we headed over to the park for some play time! We did this last year on her Birthday as well and both years we were lucky enough to have decent weather to do so! She had a blast!

After the park we grabbed a movie and headed home to enjoy the rest of our day relaxing, opening more presents and just celebrating Roweyn's Birthday!

I have more photos from my iPhone that I will post soon!

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  1. She looks sl much like you in the pics eating ice cream! Happy very late birthday!



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