Monday, March 26, 2012

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 59

Sitting in my lap holding her hands...cutest! Bath time fun!

Found her watching tv this way...not sure how comfortable that is! All ready for school when it's almost bedtime.

We were planning her Preschool Picture Day Outfit & Easter Outfits!

Then we decided to run around with underwear on our heads...or well....she did. Hanging with the kitty cat outside.

Being cute and the best bubble blower I know.

More bubble blowin. "Bye Mama, I'm goin to my house!"

Roweyn holding a Chick for the very first time at her best friends house, she loved it! Just doing some Target shopping!

Yay for green pants that fit me!! My photobomber trying to stick a sucker stick up her nose. And super excited about her book she got in the mail from a book exchange!

New pants & dresses for Rowe. Picture day at school! We decided to go with this pretty yellow top & her new pants from Target.

My hula hoopin girl!

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