Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Baby Girl is Potty Trained!

Hey there!

I know I've been quite absent on here lately but things have been quite busy around these parts with a trip to Reno, getting the stomach flu while there and back at home, and Roweyn learning to use the potty in less than 2 weeks afterwards! Yes you heard that right! Roweyn is now a full time potty user!

First time she peed on the potty!

I am so proud of her, she did almost all of it on her own, I just followed her cues and she made it so simple! A few weeks ago I would have told anyone that I didn't think she was ready and I wasn't pushing it. She had never used the potty and was not interested in doing so. Then one day after a shower while she was still naked, she asked for the potty. I set it next to her and walked away thinking she just wanted to play with it but then she yells, "Mama peepee, I peepee in potty!!". I turned back around, thinking "Could she really have just gone?" took a look and she had, without me even asking her!! I was so excited, shrieking like a little girl, telling her she did such a good job and she was such a big girl and she gets a reward for using her potty. This all happened right after I got back from my Trip to Napa, the next day I let her run around half naked in the morning but nothing happened and as soon as I put her in a diaper, she used it. Then the next day she used the potty again while my mom was babysitting.

We went on a trip to Reno that weekend and she got the stomach flu the same night, we came home the next night and that morning I had caught it, so we didn't do any potty stuff again till Tuesday. On Tuesday I let her run around half naked all day besides dance class, outside time and nap time and she used the potty to pee every time she needed to go. And in less than 2 weeks she was trained! 

If you want to learn all the details of exactly how Roweyn learned, be sure to check back soon!


  1. awesome! go mama! i am doing the same with s, not pushing it AT ALL and every once and a while she asks and goes so we're going with that for now ;)

  2. Awesome!!! yay for only 2 weeks of this.



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