Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

 I took Roweyn on her first trip to the Pumpkin Patch this year! It was a lot of fun and she LOVED it! She was so curious about everything and it was a total adventure for the both of us. We went with friends which made it that much more fun.

First thing we did was go over to the petting zoo to play with all of the animals. The girls had a blast!

They loved playing with the goats and trying to eat the yucky hay. They didn't want to stop playing with them, but it was time for the baby goats to take a nap. So we took a break to eat some lunch and watch the little train.

After we ate lunch, we took some cutsie photos and then found some giant pumpkins to play on!
 Where'd my foot go Mama??

 Can we take this one?

By that point the girls started getting tired so we decided it was time to go find them baby pumpkins and get on the road. But not before getting some more photos of course!

There are so many! Ohhh how about this one?
Look Mom! I'm a pumpkin!!

It's crazy to think that next year she will be running around everywhere, climbing on everything by herself!


  1. Following you from the Bloggy Mom blog hop. Have a great week ahead!

  2. Thank you! Great to hear! Hope you enjoy!



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