Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy 11 Months Roweyn!

My darling girl,

Happy 11 Month Birthday! Only one more month and you will be a year old. No longer considered a baby, but a toddler. To me though, you will always be my baby. I remember thinking a year ago, on Thanksgiving, when we were taking family pictures that next year I would be holding you instead of Cyder and you would already be almost a year old. Wondering if you would be walking around yet and what you would be like. And here you are, a year later, so close to walking and the sweetest little girl I could have ever imagined.

You are talking up a storm, you repeat words I say like you've been saying them forever. It amazes me every time I hear a new word come out of your mouth! You say two word sentences like a pro. You've even said four words in a row after you repeated me, saying "All done, Good job!" I was shocked! 

You have started to really listen, although when I say "No" you think its funny, you laugh and smile at me. Now when I say "No" you shake your head at me! I can ask you where your toys are or where Cyder is and you will look and point right at them! You're clapping all the time and when you hear music, you sing and dance. It's so darling! Yesterday you tried to take your first step! You are getting really good about standing on your own, I have a feeling that any day now you will be walking!

You're sleeping better at night. You have been going to bed late though, waking up once in the night, I feed you, you go back to bed, then you wake up around 6 and I pull you into bed with me so that we can snuggle and sleep together for a couple more hours before we have to face the world together. You're taking only one to two naps a day, keeping me busy all the time!

I am so excited for Christmas and your 1st Birthday! I can't wait to watch you open all your presents and eat cake for the first time! It will definitely be bittersweet to me. You're growing up so fast!
I love you, my sweet little bean! And am always here for you.

Love you lots,
Your Mama.

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