Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy 10 Months Roweyn! (A Little Late)

Dear Roweyn,

Today you are 10 Months old! I can't believe that you are just two months shy of turning a year old! You are so darling. Your personality is shining bright! 

You are so happy to play quietly by yourself, but you squeal and laugh when we all play with you, including Cyder. You have no problem letting us know when you want something, especially when it's something you're not allowed to have. Nana says you get that from me. :) I believe it too. 

You are pulling yourself up on anything you can and cruising around all the furniture. You are so curious about everything and you want to know how it all works. You love playing with the buckles in your carseat and highchair, always trying to clip them together. You have already mastered climbing up stairs but you haven't quite learned how to get back down them. I have no doubt you will figure it out soon. You love the vacuum. Yesterday you followed me around in your walker as I vacuumed the kitchen. You would get right up next to me so you could see how it works. It was so funny. We will definitely have to keep an eye on you at all times when the vacuum is out, so you don't do what your Uncle Kadin did when he was little.

You are constantly saying new words. You say Mama, Nana, Dog, and so many other words all the time now and now you are saying Cyder! It sounds like Yder but when you said it, your Nana and I knew right away what you had said! One night when you were all done eating in your highchair, you looked at me and said "All Done" in the cutest little voice I ever heard! We even caught it on video.

You love to play Peek a Boo. You take a blanket, hide your face and I say "Where's Roweyn?" and you pull the blanket down and I say "There you are! I found you!" and you laugh and squeal and then hide behind the blanket again. You love to share, always giving us your food to eat and your toys to play with. When one of your stuffed animals falls over off a chair, you get so sad. You pick it up, hug it and give it loves to make sure it's okay. I have no doubt in my mind, you will be such a caring little girl! You already are! You've just rediscovered clapping and you totally understand when to clap. What's even better is you clap like a golfer. Everything about you is so soft, little and sweet! How could I think your clapping could be any different?

You love your family so much and are always so excited to see everyone. When someone picks you up, you get so excited. You give us pats on our chests and heads, sometimes even our faces. You also love animals, always wanting to play with them. You say "Meow meow" when we say cat or when you see one.

You are getting so good at eating solid foods. Your favorites right now are chunks of avocado, cheese and baked potato. You can eat a whole mini avocado in one sitting if I let you! Your Uncle Kadin loved avocado when he was your age, but me, not so much. :)

You are definitely not much of a nap taker. Only two to three naps a day, sometimes even less! Not to mention those naps are only 20 mins! You're getting better about sleeping at night, but you still spend half the night sleeping in bed with me. You just love to snuggle. And I must say I do enjoy the many ways you wake me up in the morning. Whether it be you trying to climb over my face and the pillows to grab onto the headboard to stand up, patting my face, trying to grab my lip, nose or ear piercings or better yet when you stick your finger up my nose!

Thank you for being such a joy in my life! I look forward to each and every day I have with you, to watch you learn and grow. I love you SO much!

Love with all my heart,
Your Mama

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