Sunday, February 12, 2012

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 53

"Woohoo!" She says. Umm how cute is Roweyn in her little bathrobe? She's also saying "Cheeeese" for the picture.

Decorating her Valentine's Day Cards for her Preschool Class. Early morning snuggles.

Dancing while waiting for her dentist appt. Holding onto her treat that she gets to eat after she sees the dentist.

Checking out a room while still waiting for the Dentist. This was her second time going and she ended up doing so well! I wrote all about it here. After we got home, we spent time outside since it was such a lovely day!

She pulled the pillow & blanket out of the hall closet, laid down on the floor and proceeded to snore and told me she was taking a nap! Climbing and going down the slide at preschool making super cute faces!

Going down another slide and asking for me to hold her hand while she goes down. Drawing in her Cloth Diaper at her 2 year well check after Preschool.

Roweyn's 2 Year Stats at 26months. I wrote all about it here. A frozen yogurt date after her check up.

"Hiding" & Making homemade finger paints, I found the recipe on Pinterest. Check it out here.

Finger painting is so much fun! After finger painting she did water play in the sink for over 30 minutes!

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