Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Roweyn's 2 Year Check Up

So on Friday, Roweyn had her 2 year check up (a month late). We waited 45 minutes before we even went back into a room even though we were the first appointment after lunch, but we always seem to have to wait, no matter what. We finally went back and first thing they did was weigh and measure Roweyn. She was a little apprehensive since she remembers her appointments from when she had a UTI but over all she did great!

While we waiting Roweyn had a blast sitting in the Drs chair drawing on paper.

We saw an intern first who was getting more hours in to become a Nurse Practitioner. She asked me a bunch of random questions about Roweyn and the family and then got all worried when she saw Roweyn's weight since she is so much smaller than the average 2 year old but having gone over this since Day 1 with Roweyn, I wasn't too worried. She then proceeded to push me about vaccinations in which I just nodded and said okay and that I'd think about them. Roweyn still hasn't had any vaccines and at this point I don't plan on her getting any, any time soon. I know everyone has their own opinion on them and that's fine but this is my choice for her and I'm happy with it.

After the intern was done, Roweyn's Dr popped in for less than 5 minutes to chat. He said there are no worries with Roweyn's weight, his words and I quote, "She's tiny, we've already established that, she's just like you so no big deal!" 

So here are her 2 Year Weight and Height Stats!

We don't have to go back in until it's time for her 3 Year Check. Crazy to think that we're at that point now where they only need to see her once a year now! My little girl is growing up!

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  1. I delayed vaccines on son, he is four years old now. I've been through a ton of Peds to find one that I love and respects my decision, and really listens to my concerns. I've had really uncomfortable situations where Doctors have told me I was putting my child in danger by delaying vaccines, making comments about him being uncut, and co-sleeping.



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