Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Quick Trip to Reno

After Preschool on Friday, we headed up to Reno with the fam for a little overnighter to see the rest of the fam. We went to my brother's restaurant Pie-Face Pizza Co. and had an awesome late little lunch and then we went over to his house to hang for the rest of the evening.

That evening Roweyn started acting super fussy and next thing I know she's puking down my shirt. Poor girl caught some sort of flu bug! We spent the rest of the time there dealing with her puke sessions & then headed back to the hotel for the night where I woke up on a few different occasions to her being sick. I felt so bad!

In the morning though she was acting much better, was able to hold down water and over all just seemed to feel better. So we met up with my brother & his girlfriend for breakfast where Rowe snacked & did fine keeping everything down! We were very happy about this since we decided we were going to hit up the Nevada Discovery Museum for kids!

It was nearing nap time, but Roweyn had a blast with their big water play area, indoor playground for toddlers, running under the giant tire as well as the other areas they had.

She climbed up on the "horse" and inside the airplane too!

Later we headed over to my other brothers house for dinner with his family. Roweyn had so much fun playing with her cousin! After dinner we headed back home as planned. It was definitely an interesting trip and hopefully next time no one will get sick!

Sadly I woke up early the next morning sick as well! And later I found out my brother & his girlfriend were sick too! Whatever Rowe had it spread fast to us but luckily it was over in about 12 - 24 hours.

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