Saturday, February 12, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk.2

Roweyn did a lot of fun stuff this past week along with something from last week that I forgot about. So I'll start with last week...

While my mom was watching Roweyn she heard a plunking and splashing noise while she was in her room. So she goes looking for Roweyn to find her with a stuffed Penguin about the same size as her and she is dunking it in the toilet! She has a fascination with the toilet and it's totally gross! We have to keep our bathroom doors closed otherwise she goes straight for the toilet. It's terrible!

This week:

I asked Roweyn on Tuesday if she was thirsty and she repeated me. She said "Thirsty"! I was so surprised as that is definitely not an easy word for a little one to say.

I normally just put Roweyn in the shower with me every day and then we will take a bath together once a week. This week she had a bath in the big bath tub all by herself! She loves to stand in the tub, so I definitely have to work on that with her.

She has started saying "baby" and it sounds so cute because she says like "baybay". She kept saying it to our cat idea why.

Speaking of cat, her name is Vaya and Roweyn said Vaya today! She learns to say so many words so fast!

She has been obsessed with playing tug a war with Cyder. She loves it, even when Cyder pulls her over and she laughs!
Roweyn got another one of her bottom teeth in on Wednesday, on her left, next to her front teeth, she was looking a little uneven having only 3 teeth next to each other so I'm glad this one finally decided to pop through!

My dad works out of town and only comes home every other weekend, so he came home on Thursday. He had only been home for a few minutes when he disappeared into his office and Roweyn decided to go find him, but she didn't know where he went. So I asked her, "Roweyn where is Papa?" She looks around and doesn't see him so she holds her hands, palms up, in that "Where'd he go?" pose and then she started walking around with her arms in that pose stretched behind her, still looking for him. It was darling.

He watched Roweyn for about 5.5 hours yesterday while I was at work and my mom was out of town. She did great and they had lots of fun together! This was their first big day together by themselves, so glad it went so well!

He taught her how to throw the balloon. So cute! She even caught it a couple times!

Something new this week for me....

I started taking clients today at my salon I work at! Just haircuts for now unless I have a friend that wants to come in for a color. I had 3 clients, which was pretty good for my first day! My official day for right now is Saturdays, but if there is time during the week when I am already there then I might take someone here and there. I can't wait to really start building up a clientele. So if you're local and in need of a haircut, let me know! I have really good prices! And you get $10 off your first cut with me!

Well thats about all I can think of right now, my computer is still in the shop, they haven't even gotten the part for it yet. Apparently "priority repair" doesn't mean that much if it's been 4 days and still no part. I'm trying to find a good blogging app on my iPhone so that I can blog from there but so far I haven't really seen anything. So if you know of a good one, send it my way!

Hope you all have a good weekend! I am watching my sister tonight so my parents can go out for an early Valentine's Day Date!


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