Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I feel like I have been so M.I.A. lately! And it's all due to the fact that my computer just doesn't want to work! It's broken again, after only working a day...again! It's back at the Apple store and hopefully this means the 3rd times the charm with fixing it!

I'm at work right now and am able to get on the computer and hopefully get a couple posts up and scheduled so that it doesn't look like I've completely abandoned the blog! I'm totally missing not being able to post more.

I do have a computer at home but it's in our office and Roweyn gets bored in there fast! Plus she hasn't been feeling well so bedtime hasn't been easy so I haven't been able to do anything after she's asleep.

I wish I could post photos and videos but they are all on my computer! Fingers crossed that I can get them all backed up next time so I can be worry free if this ever happens again!

Sadly it will probably be another week or two until I get my computer back, which means no Movie Monday until then! :( I will keep up with Roweyn's Ramblings, they just might not be on time. Like last weeks! oops! I will be posting that up today as well!

Thanks for sticking around! And for all of you new followers! Thanks so much for following and I will follow you back as soon as I get a chance!!

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