Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's baaaaack!

So happy to say I have my computer back in my arms! It felt so strange to not have it, even though I had another computer to use it's just not the same. I fell way behind with so much stuff that I normally do, so now I will be playing catch up.

First thing I went to do when I got my computer on was back everything up onto my external hard drive. I realized while my computer was being repaired there was an easier way to back up everything, so as I was planning on doing that tonight,  it somehow got really complicated. I think I did something to it without even knowing, but now my computer won't even recognize when I plug the external hard drive into it, and it's like the actual program has just disappeared off of the computer and I have absolutely no idea how to get it back. I tried upgrading the program but nothing happened. Now I'm re-downloading the whole program from the web site which is taking forever and then I have to do a bunch of other things once it's downloaded, so I have no idea if that will even work. I'm so incredibly frustrated by it! I have always been pretty handy with electronics but for some reason this back up thing totally gets to me every time and just stumps me.

So I just tried it after re-downloading the program but it's still not showing up when plugged in. AHHHHH! Trying so hard not to pull my hair out right now. I was just at the Apple store today! I really don't want to go back so they can help me figure out how to get this to work! I'm not sure if there's anything else I can do though. SO FRUSTRATING! I'm giving up for the night and will try again another day.

But if you have any knowledge about this and can lend me a hand...I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks for hanging out while I waited to get my computer back! Tomorrow I will have Movie Monday up and going again!!


  1. Oh I know it's so hard being without a computer these days! We just lost our internet connection for a couple of days because of bad weather - makes you realise how much we use them! Sorry I can't help with the technical stuff! Good luck getting it sorted out!

    I like your cute blog - Fun to read about the joys of a toddler again (my 2 are a littler older now - and full of different joys!)

    I stopped by from Follow us Monday morning. I'm following you now!

    I hope you'll drop by our blog sometime too!
    Have a lovely week.

    Be Our Best

  2. I'd be at a loss without my computer also...New GFC Follower from the Follow Us Monday Hop~Shari



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