Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Trip to Orange County Pt. 3 & 4th of July

Our last few days in Orange County were spent at the beach.
The weather was a little cooler & overcast 
but we still made sure to enjoy every minute of it!

Riding a sideways elevator down to the beach!
That was a first for both of us!

The Family being tourists in Laguna Beach.

This girl loving the playground at the beach in Laguna.

Swinging at the beach in Laguna.

We spend 4th of July hanging out at Laguna Beach.
Sadly it was chilly & overcast all day.
So we spent our day in sweaters playing in the sand
and trying to stay warm.
We still enjoyed eating yummy grilled corn among other tasty food 
our lovely host & friends made for us.

Showing me sea shells.

A Yarn Bombed Tree!!

Orange County was a blast!
It's definitely one of my favorite areas.
I would love to live there some day.
The weather is my favorite and would be totally

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