Sunday, April 24, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk.11

Besides going to Reno, our week didn't consist of much, so here's what I have for this week!

Roweyn is back to having a hard time teething. She is trying to bite my arm whenever I'm holding her on my side. Luckily I know what she's trying to do so I can stop her before it happens but that doesn't make her any less fussy or uncomfortable. I think these teeth might be the longest wait for teeth to cut through, they keep popping up and then going back down.

I think she may be sleeping better at night. She is going to bed and hasn't been waking back up until between 1am and 4am. So hopefully it will just keep getting better!

The other night she saw a photo of her Grandpa (my Dad) and flat out said, not once but twice, "I love my Papa". Sweetest.Thing.Ever.

She is really into birds. Every time she sees one she stares and points at it and will say "Bir". 

She loves walking around saying "Bayby, Bebe, Bahby, My Bebe" and she usually says it in sequence. It's like she's sounding out the different ways to say it. I would say that this is probably her favorite word right now.

Roweyn's best friend Kashmir came over today and every time they are together, they are getting better and better with playing with each other. They shared their toys, followed each other around, played with the same toys together and talked to each other. It's crazy to see how much of a little person these girls are turning into!

Okay and now for the fun part, photos!!

Sleeping Baby Feet

The little stinker found gum in my car,
popped it into her mouth,
and started chewing it like she's done it a million times before

Hope you had a great Easter! We had a fun day! Easter post coming later this week.


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