Sunday, April 3, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk.8

This was yet another busy week! The next day after our trip I worked 9 hours at the salon. Tuesday we had company all day. Wednesday we worked at our favorite  cloth diaper store P.Pants Cloth Diapers. Thursday we had more company. Friday and Saturday I worked. And today we went to a 1st Birthday party!

Roweyn has been having major sleeping issues lately. I think part of it might be that she's not feeling good for some reason but I think it's actually because she is overly tired to be honest. Ever since the time change, her schedule has been very messed up. (And yes, I'm blaming it on the time change) Naps are all wacko and she's been going to bed around 10 or later. A few nights it's been after midnight before I get in bed because she is fighting me with everything she's got. She just wants to be in bed with me but that means I can't get anything done after she's asleep because I have to be in bed with her. Tonight I got her into bed by 9 which I'm very happy about, so hopefully we will get some much needed sleep tonight!!

Roweyn is a climber!!!! Ahhhh! No one in my family has ever really been a climber. My Mom said my oldest brother (whom Roweyn shares a Birthday with) was a bit of a maybe she gets it from him. 
First it started with climbing onto the little wicker chair and then onto the wicker table, she finally got over that! Next, she figured out how to climb onto the couch! Then she figured out how to go from the couch, to the armrest, to the side table next to the couch! Ugh no joke, but it gets even better! 
So we took the cushion off the couch to make her lower, but that worked for like a day. On the backrest of the couch there is a wood base behind the fabric of the couch that would normally be hidden by the cushion but its not anymore. She has figured out, with her tiny little feet, that she can stand on the wood and push herself up onto the armrest and get almost up and over the back of the couch!!! I can't believe it...she's such a little monkey! 
But here comes the very best part....the other night she was having a really rough time getting to sleep, so I was letting her cry for a short period of time in her crib, next thing I know, she has her arms around the front rail and her chest/stomach on top of the rail and her feet are dangling above the mattress! I was shocked! I got her back down and then a few minutes later, I see her again, this time with one of her LEGS on top of the rail!! I freaked! I know she doesn't get that she can fall over it and I can just see her now, pulling herself up and over and landing right on her head. Off went the bumpers, I'm hoping it will help! I have no idea what to do if it doesn't though. Anyone else have climbers??? Any advice??

She is really starting to become my little helper. She wants to help with everything...and I mean EVERYTHING! The laundry, picking up toys, picking up bowls off the ground that we give the dog to lick (before she even gets to lick it), brushing my teeth, washing the soap on me in the shower, even HELPING ME PULL MY PANTS UP WHEN I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF PEEING! Yes, seriously! She will help me find things, like my phone or the remote, and if she was the one that got a hold of them, she will normally take me right to them. So happy about that one!

It seems like since we got back from our trip she has really been into Baby Stella, every time I turn around she is picking her up, kissing and hugging her. It's darling. Today she brought her over to the couch and next thing I know she has Baby Stella's diaper off and she is wiping her butt with a wipe! It was so funny! Every time I turn around she is doing something new that she learned from us. I am just shocked every time because my little baby is no longer a little baby, but a freakin little toddler person. It's nuts.

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I didn't take too many photos on my phone this week as it was just so busy but I did do a little photo shoot one day when it was one of our first nice days out! (And what's funny to me about these photos, is that the onsie she is in, is one of my least favorite onsies. ha) Here's what I've got!

This is on the back of one of our business cards at
Roweyn had just turned 8 months


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