Monday, April 11, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk.9

Well I can't say that this week has been as exciting as last week. The weather couldn't make up its mind...again!

Tuesday we planned to go have a picnic at the park after an appointment we had. The weather was so nice before our appointment and then when we got out, it was completely overcast and windy! So instead we went over to our friends house and just ate and played for the afternoon.

We worked on Wednesday, Roweyn only took one nap the whole day so it was very interesting. She got to play a bit with her friend because one of the other babies was there for part of the day. And we went on a short walk to get her out of the store for a short time. Then after work we watched my 10year old sister, Tayelor at her first softball game. She did great! She played first base, caught the ball and when she batted, she hit the ball and after 3 girls batted, she made it home!

We went to playgroup on Thursday. Saw some old friends there that we hadn't seen since last fall. Sadly it was raining and trying to snow the whole day. :( We went home and Roweyn fell asleep in the car, I decided to park in the garage, roll down the windows and leave the door that leads into the house open so that she could have a nice nap. She ended up sleeping for about 2 hours!! After that we did some major cleaning upstairs that was well over due!

Roweyn has a new favorite game that she started playing with her Auntie Tayelor. Tayelor lays a big blanket on the ground and then Roweyn lays down on top of it and Tayelor pulls the blanket around the house. Roweyn LOVES it! She will grab the blanket of the couch and bring it to us so that she can play.

She is talking a lot, sometimes using 4 word sentences. She was on the bed the other day and started to turn around to climb down and she says, "I'm gonna get down!" It's so crazy hearing her talk like that.

Roweyn really wants to feed herself now if a spoon or fork is involved, which is great, except she makes a way bigger mess than what she actually eats! Sometimes she will let us feed her if she has her own spoon and bowl to play with but it's not always the case anymore!

Yesterday, we moved her crib into her own room!! It's so weird having her in another room, even though its literally on the other side of the wall from mine.  She slept really well too! She woke up twice before I climbed in bed, which is pretty common, I'm not sure why she does it. But I just lay her back down and rub her back and she's back to sleep in less than 5 mins. After that she slept from about 10pm to almost 5am and then I let her climb into bed with me for the rest of the morning. So all in all it was pretty great! I'm curious to see how tonight will go!

I also got to trade cars with my dad over the weekend. He bought a 2002 Ford Escape about a month ago, as he needed a smaller car for commuting. He knew I wanted a bigger car though as my darling sporty 2.5rs Subaru Impreza was getting a little tight for us. So he took my car to get even better gas mileage and I get the bigger one. I am loving it so far! It's fun being higher off the ground, having way more room in the car, having a sunroof!!! (so excited about that) and being able to put Roweyn rear facing in the middle of the car instead of on the side. I will really miss my Suby though! I've had her since I started driving 6 years ago, she was my first car and we've been through a lot! I'm happy that she is in good hands though and staying in the family. :) hehe

Alright, well here are our photos of the week!

Finally, nap time at work!

Mommy time while the toddler sleeps before playgroup!

So content while Mommy cleans...that's a first!

Big girl alert!!

Since when did all her pants become highwaters??

I'm just gonna pretend she dressed herself this day.

Can you tell I'm stoked to be at the dentist?

Just me and my TOMS waitin around...

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