Friday, January 28, 2011

Computer on the Frits

So back in December I talked about how my computer cord died and had to get a new one. Well this time, my computer died! Kinda freaking out! I had it on yesterday for about 10 minutes when all of a sudden I heard a pop, saw some smoke and then it shut down. It smelled like smoke and it wouldn't turn back on. It's still not turning on and I'm really hoping it's not something major. It's no longer under warranty and ALL my photos of Roweyn are on there plus new videos and I haven't backed them up onto an external hard drive for a couple months, which I am now really beating myself up over because I just had a feeling something was going to happen with my computer soon. It's been working perfectly besides having my cord die and then the occassional me not realizing my computer is dying and then it shuts off and I freak out till I realize that it's just dead. Yeah don't worry, I double checked and that's not the case this time. The battery is actually completely full, so I know I can rule that out.

So today it is being taken to the Apple store that is almost an hour and a half away from me to get looked at. Crossing my fingers that it was something really minor that can be fixed easily so that I have all my photos, videos and it doesn't cost me half my bank account to get fixed! Please send good vibes my way as I am going to be stressing about this until I find out what's wrong.

So until it's back with all my photos and videos on it (thinking positive thoughts), my posts will be very limited. So bear with me. Thanks!

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  1. Hey, thanks for stopping in and saying hello! I am following you back. Love your blog! And sorry about your computer. Guess we'll hear more from you when it gets better? :)



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