Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So my laptop cord has been on the fritz for quite some time now and it finally decided to off itself by completely decapitating the plug from the cord. So for almost a week I have been using my phone and my parents computer to get on the internet. Which sucks cause I can't do any of my regular posts due to the fact that all my photos, videos, etc are on my laptop. :(

And I have to say a lot has happened since last Monday....like.....My birthday on Monday the 29th, Roweyn getting a stomach virus Thursday night, Roweyn visiting Santa for the first time on Sat., me getting the stomach virus Sat. night and puking every 15 mins for 9 hrs straight! (yes seriously 9 hours!!), and Movie Monday.

I ordered a new cord the day it happened from amazon, good news it was only $27, instead of $80 from Apple. Bad news, I don't know if this company is legit and it says it will arrive anytime between Dec. 9th and 24th even though it says its already on its way. :/

Sooooo until then I might not be posting much or it will just look boring like this without any photos. Boo!!


  1. oh man I would die without my laptop! ok not literally but..you know what I mean!


  2. It definitely wasn't fun! I finally got my cord on Thursday! So happy to have it back!



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