Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa Baby | Take One

This is Roweyn's first Christmas! She missed it by two days last year! ha Our town was having Santa at a few different places this year so we made a couple attempts at going in case it didn't go too well.

First stop is the railroad museum. Super cute place, totally decorated and what made it even more fun was that my sister/Roweyn's aunt was an elf! We were so excited to be able to get pictures with the two of them cause we thought it would be really cute. Sadly for us, Tayelor had to be at a choir performance and Roweyn decided to sleep in, so by the time we got there Tayelor was already in the car to leave. :( So we did the photos without her and decided that at the next Santa she could dress up and we would get some pictures.

Anyways here are the photos! 

Not too bad for Roweyn's first time meeting Santa!

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