Saturday, May 8, 2010

Test Results!

So all of Roweyn's results came back negative! Great news of course! Praise God! But we're not too happy with the drs. In the past 5 weeks that this stuff has been going on, we've seen 4 different Drs more than once each. Not because we wanted to, but because we go to a clinic and every day a different Dr works there. You've already heard about the first 3 weeks, so skipping that part....two weeks ago when we did two urine tests, one in a bladder bag and one with a catheter, they both had blood in them. So the Dr put her on ammoxicilin, sent them to the lab to have them both cultured. Two days later, the same Dr called saying there was growth in the urine and so she was put on different antibiotics to treat it. She never said what kind of infection Roweyn had or which culture the bacteria grew in. 

So fast forward those two weeks to this week, and Roweyn ends up still having some pink in her diapers, which brings us to this past Mondays Dr appt. with a different Dr of course. We brought another urine sample in, which came back negative for blood, the Dr looks at the other Drs notes who sent in the cultures and decides to order the ultrasound and blood work, which we did on Tuesday, he put her on more antibiotics, and he also sent a referral to a Urologist at UC Davis. Which brings us to Friday, with Roweyn's normal Pediatrician whom we havent seen or spoken to since this first started. He looks at the results and says something about the one culture having bacteria in it. Which prompts my mom to say...there was two cultures done...which one had the bacteria? He then realizes that the bacteria grew in the bladder bag sample and not the catheter sample, and the number is not significant enough to be worried about. Seriously?! These 3 different Drs who all looked at the results, all misread them! 

So basically, the antibiotics were unnecessary and so was the ultrasound and blood tests! He says that more than likely the pink is uric acid crystals, which every doctor we have seen has said. She did however have the unexplained blood in her urine one week and green poop for quite some time, so we do actually think the antibiotics were beneficial to both of those problems because the blood is apparently gone (or its just hit and miss) and her poop is back to its normal yellow color. But the extra antibiotics and other tests were most likely unnecessary. And we hopefully don't have to go to UC Davis now.

It's great knowing that Roweyn is healthy, but it definitely makes me feel bad that Roweyn had to go through all of this. I am glad though that she won't remember any of this happening.

We go back in next Friday with her regular Pediatrician for a recheck of her urine to make sure there's no more blood.

Thank you everyone for all your prayers and continuing support! We greatly appreciate it! And would love if you could keep praying for us since she's not quite in the clear yet! Please pray for the pink color (which we're hoping is just uric acid crystals and will go away soon) will go away and that her recheck on friday will be negative for blood!

OH!! and P.S.!! Roweyn weighs 11lbs 13.5oz and is 24in long! She's a teeny tiny thing! But is fine on the growth chart! :)

Hope all you Moms have a wonderful Mothers Day tomorrow!

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