Sunday, April 25, 2010


Ahh the weather the past few days has been absolutely phenomenal! LWW had our annual garage sale start this weekend, so we were able to be out and about to enjoy it. Hopefully it will be nice next weekend too for the rest of the garage sale! We didn't get to shop much except for around our street and we didn't find much, but it was still fun to be out and seeing friends. Plus my sister had a little food booth that I helped out with for a bit. Our friends had their annual bbq yesterday too, which just made the day that much better.

Rowe has grown so much in the past few weeks. She's around 12lbs now and 23 1/2 in. long. She loves loves loves taking her baths. She splashes and kicks, it's the cutest thing. She has some little frog toys that she loves to kick and she grabs them with her feet and legs and pulls them up to her chest. I recorded some of it....check it out.

She's starting to babble more. It's so cute. She just goes on and on and on. Tayelor brought home a book from her school library for Roweyn and read it to her a few times. Roweyn loved it. It was really cute to watch the two of the interact. Roweyn really likes Tayelor.

She's trying to roll over but hasn't quite gotten it yet. She lays on her back on her play mat while holding onto her her toys and will roll onto her side while still holding onto her toys and then she can't go any further. If she's in front of the tv, I usually put her so she can't see it, but next thing I know she's on her side with her head tilted back so she can watch it. It cracks me up, can't believe she's already trying to watch it.

Recently I found some other blogs, moms who do reviews and giveaways on cloth diapers and a lot of other products. I've become obsessed! ha Reading all the reviews and entering all of the giveaways. I have yet to win but I'm hopeful! It's also nice because they review mostly eco-friendly products and I always like to read reviews before I buy things. I've only bought one thing so far that one of them reviewed and I really like it!

Rowe sleeps through the night. She has been for awhile now, but now she's sleeping even longer. She used to go to sleep around 11 or later but now she's usually asleep by 10 and she would wake up anywhere between 5 and 8 but now she just wakes up around 8 or a little after. It's so nice to be able to sleep through the night again but it's not the same kind of sleep. I still feel tired, no matter what. But I get to spend my days with Roweyn and it can't get any better than that.

She found her feet too. While changing her one day she was holding onto them. It's super cute. 

I think her antibiotics are really helping her. I haven't seen any more pink and her poop has gotten back to its normal color. Lets just hope her kidneys are okay!

Alright time to go back to relaxing.

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