Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not Enough Time!

Lately I have felt like I just don't have enough time for anything. Time has just flown by since I had Roweyn. 4.5 months already?! Really?! Yeah, I really can't believe it either. With everything that has been going on with Roweyn health wise, I really just haven't had time for anything else. She, of course, is my first priority and lately my only priority. I feel like I have never seen days, weeks and even months go by as fast as they have been. 

I've been putting together my resume, because it is definitely time for me to find a job. Not really because I'm getting antsy of being home all the time, cause well really, I'm rarely home. Monday and Tuesday were the first weekdays in weeks that I didn't have to go anywhere. The real reason I'm ready for a job is because I unfortunately am running out of the small amount of money I have. Ha no surprise there though, right? So my resume is put together, but I've had absolutely no time to take it into any salons, the last couple weeks I was hoping to take it to a few places but going to the Dr one to three times a week for 6 weeks has pretty much killed any chance I've had. Plus I've been going to track meets, having play dates and going to play group.

Now that we've finally gotten this health scare with Roweyn under control I might actually have some free time soon. By the way, Friday was her last urine re-check and there was no blood in it. The Dr is pretty convinced that it's just uric crystal acid in her urine, besides the one time she had blood.

I was able to get my hair done today, got my roots touched up and put some more blonde in it! Now I just need to make a trip up to Reno soon for a hair cut...and possibly some more blonde. :) Hoping that I'll be able to make it up there the beginning of June.

Roweyn has decided to change up her sleep schedule. I'm thinking she might be going through a growth spurt, or she just decided to switch things up. She is going to bed earlier but then she wakes up 2 or more times between 4 and 8 am. And now she's not taking any long naps. Just a few 15 to 30 min naps throughout the day. So I'm pretty much exhausted right now and not getting much of a break from her. But I'm sure she will change it up again soon.

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