Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hit the Road Jack!

Busy day today! We're getting ready to take a trip up north to Eureka for a week to visit our relatives. None of them have seen Roweyn yet except one of my aunts and cousins, so we're excited to go up there so everyone can meet Roweyn! I'm hoping the car ride will go well tomorrow since it's a 6 hour drive! Rowe hasn't been feeling good the past couple days so hopefully the car ride won't be too much for her. My grandma is throwing a party for Roweyn so we can all get together and they can finally meet her! It will be nice to get away for the week. I'm starting to get cabin fever from being stuck in this little town all the time! haha

Rowe had her 2 month check up yesterday. She's doing great! She's now 10lbs 1oz and 21 3/4in. This is the check up where she would have gotten a few shots but I opted not to get them. I really don't think most of these shots are least not until her immune system has some time to develop...but even then I don't really think they're necessary. Most of these shots are to prevent diseases that don't even exist in the U.S. anymore or it's a disease that only teens or adults get. I understand the purpose of them in countries where they have a lot of issues with these diseases and think those babies should get them, but here it doesn't really seem necessary. I think it's in China where they wait till their babies are 2 years old before they even give them any shots because it gives their immune systems a chance to develop, which to me makes a lot of sense. I can't remember the last time I had a shot...I didn't get the shots necessary for school. My mom wavered them because she didn't think they we're necessary. And look at me! I'm still disease free! haha wow that rhymes....My sister only got one of her vaccinations and it made her so sick afterwards that my mom opted not to have her get any more. There are a lot of pros and cons for getting them and not getting I'm not saying it's wrong to get them but this is just how I feel. I would love to hear other opinions on this topic if anyone is interested! Leave a comment! :) 

Last Saturday Roweyn and I got together with most of the people from my childbirth class and had a little reunion. Roweyn got to meet all the little babies and make new friends! It was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed getting together with all the other new moms and talking about how everything is going. Its neat too cause all of our babies are born within 2 months of each other, so they're all really close in age. I wanted to go to a couple mommy/baby groups this week but on Wednesday I ended up doing 3 kids haircuts at my house. Then I figured it probably would be best not to go this week since we are going out of town and I don't want to expose Roweyn to any sick babies. But looks like she ended up not feeling good anyways. :( So we ended up missing this weeks and we'll miss next weeks too since we'll be in Eureka but the week after, I definitely want to go! 

I've been going through all my photos to get some developed so I can start scrapbooking and putting them in all my empty frames I have! This is gonna be a big project! I'm getting over 200 photos developed! ha and there's more to come! I can't wait to get started though!

So about a week or two ago Roweyn started this fake cough when she wants to laugh. It's so funny and cute and cracks me up every time! Now her newest thing is to stick her tongue out and move it around. She sticks it out the side of her mouth like she's going to lick her lips. She is such a character.

Last Friday I went to the chiropractor to get adjusted and Roweyn got adjusted too. My chiropractor does Craniosacral therapy where she presses on different pressure points in your body to relieve whatever is going on. She has worked on me since I was 4 and has really helped! I had really bad ear infections at that age and my mom took me to see her. After she worked on me a few times I ended up only getting one or two that year. But Roweyn has felt so much better since then. Way less fussy and she slept through the night for 6 nights in a row! It was great! She had a little trouble last night but only because she wasn't feeling good and I'm trying to transition her into another bed. She's still sleeping in her bouncer cause she hates lying flat on her back while sleeping. But it's getting too small for her to sleep in, so I've got to get her out of it.

Alright well Rowe baby is asleep which means it's time for me to finish packing!!


  1. Its so cool that Roweyn got adjusted! I have been going to the chiropractor since I was 5 and am totally convinced about it...they cured me of a really bad sinus infection that lasted for 9 months that doctors could do nothing about! And it seems that you had good experience too, so awesome!
    Your daughter is so beautiful! It looks like you two are developing a really special relationship :-) wonderful!

  2. Hey Heaven! Sorry I just saw that you left this comment weeks ago!! That's so exciting that they could help you! I love going to the chiropractor I have always had great experiences with them! Thank you! Roweyn is so precious to me! :)



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