Sunday, March 14, 2010


So we just got back yesterday from our week long trip to Eureka to visit family. It was really nice to get away and see everyone. I ended up being sick with laryngitis most of the week and barely had a voice. Roweyn wasn't feeling very well either and was super sensitive. Almost every time someone held her besides my mom or me, she started crying, and as soon as they would hand her back to me, she would calm down. She really knows her mommy already. I'm hoping that now that we're back home she will feel better. My grandma/Roweyn's great grandma had a dinner party for Roweyn so all of the family could meet her. It was really nice and everybody loved meeting her and took turns holding her, not really to her liking though. haha. We got a picture of my grandma, my mom, myself, and Roweyn since there are 4 generations of us alive right now. I wish I could post the photo but it's on my moms camera. I'm sure I will get it up on facebook at some point. We we're very busy all week and wore her out.

She slept all night, almost every night on her back in her new play yard for up to 9 hours! She's doing great at night! It's been two weeks since she started this and it's going great, but I know it won't last since babies always change their routines. So I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can!

Roweyn had her first giggle the other day. I was sitting on a couch and my mom was giving Roweyn to me, I was talking to her and she giggled! It was super cute! But it hasn't happened since. :( Hopefully it will again soon!

We have a busy week this week. A couple visitors tomorrow and I'm really hoping it will go well. I wish i could talk about it more but I don't think it's a good idea yet. We have a couple appointments and I'm getting a pedicure on Friday! I picked up all the photos I got developed and I'm hoping to start putting them in frames this week and get everything organized to start on my scrapbooks. I'm excited to be able to start doing more things now that Roweyn is a little older and not eating and wanting to be held non stop.

It feels good to be back home! Gotta go get some unpacking and cleaning done before tomorrow!

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