Monday, January 2, 2012

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 47

The day after Roweyn's Birthday, the fam took a trip down to ikea to get some much needed book shelves and other fun miscellaneous items.

I found this super cute owl picture!

Back home Roweyn playing with a new toy from her birthday.

Sleepy girl at bed time.

Telling me to stop taking pictures of her cute face and just play!

Ikea storage and Roweyn's kitchen she got for Christmas.
Storing numerous toys and play food/kitchen items.

New Years Eve!
Opening this bottle of Champagne I bought on my 21st Birthday at 9 months pregnant.
I finally got a chance to drink it!

Happy 2012!
Love, Roweyn

Mmmm Mimosas.

Hope you all had a really great New Years! 
After I put Roweyn to bed, I relaxed by myself drinking a couple Mimosas,
watched a movie and the ball drop and was in bed by 1. 

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