Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Twenty Twelve!

Hope you all had a wonderful New Years! Rowe and I spent the night relaxing and then she was off to bed while I stayed up and drank some Champagne I bought on my 21st Birthday when I was 9months pregnant and obviously couldn't drink it and watched tv. It was relaxing and I didn't really want it any other way!

I don't really do Resolutions (maybe because I suck at them?) but I call them Goals instead, in hopes of reaching them.

So here are my Goals for myself as well as for being a Mama that I hope to accomplish this year, in no particular order.

Get Organized! -- A lot of it is just de-cluttering, but I also want to make our space more us and less mess.

Wean and Potty Learn Roweyn -- (Obviously this is something that will happen this year) Now that Roweyn is TWO (still hard to believe) I plan to wean her from breastfeeding as well as the paci and then teach her how to use the potty. If anyone has any great info for any of these please send them my way!!

Take a Trip or Two -- I'd love to take a trip with just Rowe and me for a night to get away and have Mommy, Daughter time together. I also think sometime after Roweyn is weaned, I'd like to take a one night trip without Roweyn, since I have never been away from her for more than I'd say 9 hours during the day.

Make More Time For Myself -- I said this last year too and I didn't really do it and after going an entire year without going out once by myself besides for work, I think I really need to change that. Also includes doing more stuff to make me a happier person.

Be More Crafty -- I want to make more crafts by myself and with Roweyn.

Be More Creative and Playful with Roweyn -- Kinda goes along with above, but I want to spend more time making things with Roweyn, doing art projects and different crafts, baking and cooking as well as spending more time sitting & playing with her and teaching her not just hanging with her.

Focus More on Work -- Even though I already feel like I work a lot, I really don't. I need to spend more time building up my clientele so I can make more money so Rowe and I can hopefully have our own home sometime this year. This also possibly means taking some classes or finding a second salon to work at.

Get a Tattoo -- I already have a few but this one is special, it's my tattoo for Roweyn. I've been thinking about it since before she was born and this past year I figured out what I want. I just need to get it drawn up and then onto me!

Start Reading Again -- I used to be a BIG book reader and after having Roweyn I haven't read a single book and I miss it like crazy!

Get Out and Just Do More -- Ha I know that sounds a little vague but I just want to experience more, specifically with Roweyn. Whether it's just going for a walk, taking Roweyn somewhere special or just going out for a treat, I want to do it more often.

And the perfect quote for my goals

Do you have any special goals or resolutions this year? I'd love to hear them!

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