Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rowe's First Independence Day!

So I know I am almost a week late with this but it's been kind of a crazy week. Rowe's been getting over a cold since last week and I of course caught it and have been sick with a Sinus Infection since 4th of July. We had 3 appointments this week and I worked a couple days. So now that I am finally getting a chance to just chill I can do this!!

How was everyone's 4th?? We started ours off by going to the park in Lake Wildwood and just hanging out with everyone there. Trevor came down on Saturday so I was pretty excited to have my brother to hang out with. We had hot dogs and nachos covered in jalapenos, some good drinks, we played a game of bingo and hung out in the shade.

We came home for the afternoon and just relaxed while our parents and their friends went for a boat ride. And while they were doing that I got some cute photos of Roweyn in her red, white and blue dress, and her Red Watermelon Fuzzibunz cloth diaper.

Look how cute her fluffy bum is!

And of course we had to get a couple Mama and Rowe baby shots!

So after relaxing for the afternoon, we had a wonderful dinner! Then we took our boat out onto the lake to hang and watch the fireworks!

I was a little worried that Roweyn would be scared of the fireworks, but she slept through the whole thing!! I am kinda bummed that she missed them cause I know she would have loved it.  Well there's always next year! haha

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