Monday, July 12, 2010

New Adventures at 6 Months!

So Roweyn had her 6 month check up on Friday. 

She weighs 13lbs 1oz and is almost 26in. She is a tiny little thing but she is growing at a steady rate!

She is now eating solid foods! So far we've tried Rice cereal, Sweet Potatoes, Squash and Pears. I think Sweet Potatoes are her favorite, she always seems to eat more when she eats them. Here she is eating Squash!
She even drinks water out of a small cup! It's way cute!

OH!! She also got her first tooth on July 7th! Its a sharp little sucker! So now her chewing on my fingers is not so much of an option anymore...although sometimes I forget and then I get a nice little reminder when I feel something sharp digging in. We didn't even know it had cut through until she was chewing on my finger and I felt it. We had a great night without any fussing so it was a surprise! It's so cute and tiny and you can barely see it! I can't wait for it to come in the rest of the way!

So for all of you that read our blog, is there anything you would like to hear me talk about, that I don't already? Anything having to do with being a single mom, first time mom, raising Roweyn, etc? Leave a comment and tell me what you would like to know!

And for those of you that follow, but only when I say something on facebook or twitter about a new post...I would love it if you could follow us publicly either through Google Friend, or by subscribing to the posts. I would love to know who is actually reading this, I see that people are but I don't know who! So follow us and leave a comment letting us know! :)

Thanks guys!

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