Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Friday Night and I Ain't Got Nobody

That's from a song I used to love a couple years ago and I swear whenever there's a friday night and I'm not doing anything it ends up creeping into my head.

I have a day off tomorrow and am pretty stoked to just be able to hang with Roweyn. I'm sure most of the day is going to end up being housework and cleaning but the fact that I'm spending it with her makes it okay.

I've never been big on always cleaning up after myself and yes there are times when I forget, but I have gotten better and have kinda come to like it. The weird thing is, I am really good at cleaning up after Roweyn, well for the most part. I actually enjoy doing her laundry, folding cloth diapers and picking up her toys, weird I know. 

I guess it makes me feel domesticated and like I'm actually doing something a normal housewife would do or even just an adult for that matter. It's really hard for me to feel like an adult while living with family. I feel like I did when I was a teen. Of course there are differences, like no rules, paying for as much as I can, etc, but it's hard for me to feel like I have my own stuff to take care of. It may be my home, but it's my Mother's House, and I still have to respect her wishes for her house. But don't get me wrong, I am so appreciative that I have a beautiful house to live in and a wonderful mother that takes care of my daughter for me while I work. I just have to remember that I am doing this so that at some point, I will have enough money to be on my own with Roweyn. She is my first priority and by far, this is the best place for both of us, I just have to remind myself constantly that I am an adult even when there are days when I feel the complete opposite of that.

I am headed to bed, I hope ya'll have a wonderful rest of your night and a great weekend!

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