Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Nightmare Week

Due to my not knowing what Roweyn should be for Halloween and finally figuring it out a week ago, only to be way too late to buy anything, I now have to make her costume by Friday. *Takes deep breath* Woo that was a mouthful. I REALLY want her to be an owl.

So my plan is to somehow knit a hat, glue ears, eyes and a beak onto it, then buy a long sleeved onsie and buy multi colored fabric, cut it out into feathers and glue it to the onsie. HOPING I am going to have time to do this cause the rest of my week looks like this:

Tomorrow, cutting a friends hair, unpacking from trip and doing laundry. Wed, driving to Truckee to meet my brother to pick up my dog who has been with him for a week now, Imisshersomuch! Thurs go to play group or skip and go to diaper shop then color a client's hair at the salon. Then somehow miraculously have time in between all of that to get Roweyn's costume done by Friday morning so I can take her to the kiddy trick or treating in Downtown GV.

Am I crazy or what? Oh and then if I can't go to the diaper shop Thurs, then I have to go Fri after trick or treating, then Sat I am working there, Sun finally a day off, and then Mon back to the diaper shop to work!

Hence the name Nightmare Week. No sleep for me anytime soon! Have I mentioned that my daughter is trying to get over a cold? Yeah, its nuts. My sister is now coming down with it. If I get sick this week, I will FREAK!

So if this whole making a costume thing actually works I will post how i did it. Hmm, really should be going to bed now, but gotta catch up on emails and comp. stuff! Boo!

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