Friday, February 12, 2010

Lost Lost Lost My Mind...

It's been a crazy couple of weeks! A lot has happened. I was able to deal with that phone call I had talked about in my last post. So far so good...I hope! I just don't want it to go bad. So lots of praying for sure. Just trying to trust in God knowing He has a plan for Roweyn and me! A lot of emotions have been thrown around, mostly due to the phone call but not all pertaining to it. I'm just trying to keep my head on straight throughout all of it! And so far I think I'm doing a pretty good job! But there is a lot to come, so who knows what will happen then.

I had my 6 week check up on monday and all is good! I've lost all the weight I gained while pregnant but now I need to work on getting into shape! I've started to gain a little muscle on my arms from carrying Roweyn around all the time so I'm excited about that! ha! Roweyn got weighed yesterday finally!! She's already 9lbs!! I can't believe it! We were all surprised. None of us thought she had gained that much weight already. But its exciting...she has almost doubled her weight and its only been 6 weeks! Her newborn diapers are finally starting to get snug around her thighs! For those of you who have kids, I know you all can relate to how exciting all of that is. haha And for those of you yet to have kids, I'm sure you think it's weird that I can get excited about Roweyn growing out of her diapers. But don't you worry, once you enter the world of parenthood you'll be right there with me! Believe me, it's weird to think that those things can be exciting but every little thing your child does becomes the highlight of your day. 

Roweyn is talking more and more every day and it is the cutest thing I have ever heard! I can tell that she is finally starting to realize that I'm her mommy and not just the lady that takes care of her and feeds her non stop. She looks at me and gets this big smile on her face and will talk to me as if she's trying to say hi. She is finally starting to sleep in her bouncer and swing at night instead of in mine or my moms arms. She's still not comfortable sleeping flat on her back in her bassinet but it's a start! She's still a night owl though and loves to go to bed usually between 11 and 1. Today she didn't take a nap longer than maybe 30 minutes. Finally at 8 something she fell asleep and is still asleep! Im sure she will be up soon though ready to eat again, which means it will probably be a late night for us!

Two of my friends just had their babies and I can't wait to see them! Karlee had little Jasmine on Feb. 2nd and Dina had little Steevi on Feb. 11th! It will be so fun for Roweyn to have play dates with Jasmine and Steevi! Congrats to both of you and your families!!

So it's Valentine's Day this weekend or as some like to call it Single Awareness Day. Ha. I was hoping to have a friend come visit but it's a no go, so tomorrow night it will be Roweyn and me watching my little sister as my parents go out to a Sweetheart Ball with their friends. I'm glad they are going, they haven't been able to spend much time together since my dad has been working up in Humboldt county since November and only comes home a couple weekends a month to visit and my mom is busy helping me out. As for Sunday we'll just be hanging out at the house I'm sure, doing nothing in particular. But I hope all of you have a fun weekend! Happy early Valentine's Day!

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