Sunday, August 12, 2012

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 74

It's the 2nd week of August which means the Fair is here!

Always a favorite for Roweyn.

Oh the things we do for our kids!
Roweyn loves rides, it's pretty much the cutest ever!

The face she gave me when I asked her to smile with the piggies.

Roweyn's new shoes!
Owl Slip ons.

10 Things About Roweyn!
1. She's very curious and is a risk taker but when it comes to unfamiliar kids and adults she's very cautious.
2. At 2.5 years old she weighs less than 23lbs.
3. Shes a very picky eater but loves fruits and veggies and snacks all day instead of having meals.
4. She's a night owl and doesn't sleep well.
5. Her favorite color right now is pink.
6. She still breastfeeds but I'm trying to wean her before she turns 3 at the end of December.
7. She says the funniest things like "I don't want to have gas!....I fart everyday!"
8. She loves playing with baby dolls and stuffed animals but also loves dinos and cars and trucks.
9. She was born on my oldest brother's birthday.
10. She's a Mama's girl and loves to cuddle, always has!

More Fair time!

You guys!
My baby girl went on her VERY first pony ride and LOVED it!
Super proud Mommy Moment!

Thumbs Up!

Oh hey big Rooster.

We had a great time this year at the fair. Roweyn loved all the rides and seeing all the animals! She asked the next day if we could go back to see the Animals again and was pretty bummed when I told her they weren't there anymore and had to go home.

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